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internship report on financial statement analysis

In broader sense, however, a bank can be considered the heart of a complex financial structure. While all of these three components are equally important, the first two components can be brief and can be something that you can consider as the introduction part of your internship report. Managed by the Bangladesh Krishi Bank, a specialized agricultural banking institution, lending to farmers and fishermen dramatically expanded. This Internship Report by Moez Ansary is useful for Accounting & Finance Students. Most of its customers had never dealt with formal lending institutions before. Sonali Bank Limited has played this role with their experiences in the banking sector where the others are not merely performed. and semi govt. 5. SBL has been rendering social services through distribution of various allowances to the Freedom Fighters, Widows, Old–age citizens, vulnerable groups, Disabled peoples etc. He is assisted by a deputy managing director, six general managers, and other senior executives. Excellence: Excellent performance and effectiveness are preconditions to ensure quality service to the large customer base of the bank. Economy and Banking industry go together and are inseparable. Banks collect money from the individuals and lend them to others. Innovation: New and innovative products are the needs of the time for which continuous action oriented researches are carried out. Under this program credit is extended through 236 selected branches over the country. Our lending to borrower reached Tk. For example, the recent SEC restriction to provide margin loan to the company, which have more than 50% of P/E ratio. The average loan by the Grameen Bank in the mid-1980s was around Tk.2,000 (US$65), and the maximum was just Tk18,000 (for construction of a tin-roof house). Moreover, in 2007 a special program has been introduced for SIDR affected 12 areas in which there is a provision of collateral free loan up to TK.20,000/-. The human resource division can be more effective. Besides, the bank has been disbursing pension of govt. Sonali Bank Limited the largest state owned commercial bank has been playing a vital role in the socio-economic development & poverty alleviation since 1973. The management of Sonali Bank is vested in a 7-member board of directors appointed by the government. Theory classes of B.B.A provide us theories regarding business sector and practical orientation gives us the chance of view those systems and their operations. 250+ Financial Reporting And Analysis Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Explain ‘financial modelling’? We also trying to help more to customer by providing various savings schemes like as EDS, MES and DBS etc. 3. financial report. Widows, divorcees and destitute women allowances. Besides the traditional and oft-trodden sectors, Sonali Bank Limited has also come up with very low rate of interest to finance the following thrust sectors of the economy as identified by the Government: Software development and data processing. Because they should take care the branch level employee’s benefits, opportunities etc. Establishment for custody of money which it pays out on customers order. Sonali Bank Limited extends multiple credit facilities to boost up trade, commerce and industry. This represented a 20-percent increase of reserves over the previous year, largely the result of higher remittances by Bangladeshi workers abroad. Maximum 6 years including 1 year grace period. and various products and services offered agricultural loan I have collected primary and secondary data from financial statement of Bank and discussion with various staff member in Bank. On the other hand we have seen that the bank profit increasing rate is poor but increasing. The policy was largely successful in reducing the growth of the money supply and total domestic credit. will broaden its hand for implementing the recommendations for the welfare of the people of Bangladesh. Internship Report Sample – Internship Report Format The internship report drafted by top professionals to provide guidance to students has given the few important steps in chronological order. L/C or contract period plus 21 days but not exceeding 180 days from the date of disbursement. Author: Syed Nazar Mursaleen Created Date: 5/31/2020 7:33:26 PM Compensation Package and Employee Job Satisfaction of First Security Islami B... LinkedIn SlideShare: Knowledge, Well-Presented. But the bank should be able to utilize these employees at appropriate way to take out the bank’s output. A bank is a person or corporation carrying on bonafide banking business.– English Finance Act. Sometimes the internship report might differ from another discipline’s report structure. The general managers are in charge of the bank’s branches in the headquarters of the six administrative divisions of the country namely, Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet and Barisal. SBL offers annual stipends and scholarships to the brilliant children of the employees of the bank. Bangladesh Bank has the power to impose penalties for non-compliance and also to intervene in the management of a bank if serious problems arise. 152 Upazillas have been covered by the Rural Livelihood Programme (RLP). Scheduled bank advances to private agriculture, as a percentage of sectoral GDP, rose from 2 percent in FY 1979 to 11 percent in FY 1987, while advances to private manufacturing rose from 13 percent to 53 percent. The National Commission on Money, Credit, and Banking recommended broad structural changes in Bangladesh’s system of financial intermediation early in 1987, many of which were built into a three-year compensatory financing facility signed by Bangladesh with the IMF in February 1987. Feasibly implemented and properly staffed IT projects with export L/C or firm contract in hand may apply. Helps woman entrepreneur to be self-independent by providing loan. With the steady development of the industrial and the service sectors in Bangladesh, the level of personal consumption has recorded progressive growth. Interest rate is 13%. Banking is a powerful medium among other spheres of modern socio-economic activities for bringing about socio-economic changes in a developing country like Bangladesh. Internship Program is a mandatory program for all students of B.B.A under National University. INTRODUCTION The following report describes the activities carried out during a 12-week, full-time internship at the INTER-AMERICAN CEMENT FEDERATION FICEM-APCAC. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This web based software provides digital services to the expatriates through its unique advantage of sending confirmation message to the mobile phone of the remitter/beneficiary. Now this program is continuing through 707 branches among the farmers of 1639 unions. This technique is not a creative technique as the information already given in the financial statements is used. SBL will continue to patronize sports and culture at home and abroad. Bank A/C information of tax payee client according to demand of NBR. Banking service for the Disadvantaged Groups: With 1182 branches all over Bangladesh, SBL could reach the banking services to the disadvantaged groups with the aim to encourage them in mobilization of their hard earned savings and creation for them investment opportunities. b. The bank had from the outset applied a specialized system of intensive credit supervision that set it apart from others. 150 million at free of charge through Sonali Exchange Company (SECI), USA and Sonali Bank (UK) Limited. An internship report should cover key details of your internship experience. Monthly deposits: 100,200,300,400,500 and 1000Tk. Relevant financial information is presented in a structured manner and in a form which is easy to understand. The company import medical and diagnostic machines and accessories and distribute all over the Bangladesh. It quantitatively describes the financial health of the company. Sonali Bank Limited obtained License from the Securities and Exchange Commission in 23 March 2009, to operate in the Capital market as a full-fledged Merchant bank. ii)       Rendering Service: Banks Provide Different types of services to the government and people of the country. The objective of this study is to have a clear concept and some practical experience about Financial Statement Analysis Systems of an organization. 1. This study will give a clear idea about the financial performance of Sonali Bank Limited as well as the different section of different products and services of Sonali Bank Limited. Rate of interest: For 3 years 9% and for 5 years 10%. Through conversation with the different level officers of the Bank, I also gather knowledge about the general banking system. 1972(PO No.26 of 1972), : 35-42, 44 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2. Rehabilitation allowances for acid survival women. Mizanur Rahman-Id No.08304083. The function of Bangladesh Bank may be classified into following: The commercial banking system dominates Bangladesh’s financial sector with limited role of Non-Bank Financial Institutions and the capital market. Besides, Sonali Bank Limited has generated employments for hundreds of people in the projects and industries established under finance. Import Letter of Credit. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Branch Computerization: 267 branches are on live operation. The number of rural bank branches doubled between 1977 and 1985, to more than 3,330. & rate of interest is yearly 8%. Foreign exchange reserves at the end of FY 1986 were US$476 million, equivalent to slightly more than 2 months worth of imports. For relief and rehabilitation of natural calamity-hit people of the country in 2007 the bank has donated a denoted amount of money. ­– Cairn Cross. Maximum Tk. MBA Project Report on Impact of Exchange Rate on Balance of Payment (BoP) by ... No public clipboards found for this slide, Internship Report on Financial Statements Analysis of FSIBL by Moez Ansary. In this regard a Memorandum and Articles of association have been approved by the Board of Directors of Sonali Bank Limited. For larger contract higher amount may be considered. At present the bank has 12 ATM booths. Thus an investor can know the Company’s Performance & Management Efficiency to take an investment decision. FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS Financial statements are records that provide an indication of the organization’s financial status. : Collateral security twice the value of the loan is required. Women entrepreneur will get first preference. iii)    Goodwill: In order to earn profit through rendering services, banks need to have a lot of goodwill, may be a bit more than other commercial institutions. The salient features of the scheme are as follows: Refrigerator, freezer, television, furniture and electronic fan. : All district branches and the corporate branches. INTERNSHIP REPORT September 9 2011 Internship in Sustainable Development Period: June through August 2011 Personnummer: 19840413-5389 Author: Clara Ruiz . Duration of the deposit: 10 years & interest- 8.5%. A well-written internship report must never miss including the specific aspects of your internship journey that could be relevant and helpful in your field and to your career later on. Integrity: Protection and safeguard of customers’ interest is a vital element for societal trust. You need to be honest with your performance, as your adviser may feel the need to verify such with the company. For this purpose, Sonali Bank Limited has established a bank named Sonali Bank (U.K) and an exchange house named Sonali Exchange Company Inc. (SECI), USA. Insurance Policy/ Shares and Debenture of Public Ltd. Co. For growing international markets for software and data processing this scheme provides long term and short term credit facilities on easier terms to set up and run IT based projects. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Agriculture contribute about 22% to the GDP. Remember to self-evaluate properly. Arrangements will be made for rendering better social services to the community apart from core banking activities. We have collected VAT and tax on interest/ profit earning of customers of the Bank. Sonali Bank Limited has submitted the name of the subsidiary company as “Sonali Investment Limited” to the registrar of joint stock companies and also got the Name clearance letter. Collective rural enterprises also could borrow from the Grameen Bank for investments in tube wells, rice and oil mills, and power looms and for leasing land for joint cultivation. Self Reliance: Each employee will have ownership attitude towards the bank and self confidence in his work for betterment of the bank. On 30 June 2000, the total number of employees of the bank was 26,085. 2.050 billion on 30 June 2000. Amount of monthly savings-500-10000 Tk. The growth of institutional investments in capital market of Bangladesh has been far below the expectation. Although the government had begun effective measures to improve financial discipline, the draconian contraction of credit availability contained the risk of inadvertently discouraging new economic activity. The higher management should be more effective about the employee, to take right strategy, right decision making. RDS can be opened in those branches of Sonali Bank which are located in the rural. 5.00 Lac. SBL have been offered to take private placement of Beximco Pharmaceuticals to purchase preference shares. Entrepreneur must be educated & healthy and age must be within 18-60. The Bank is strongly positioned in the market and with its core strengths it can match shareholders’ expectations and thus raise their wealth in future through ethical banking and best pricing. Physical and technological facilities should be increased in evaluating credit proposals. Out of 1182 branches at home, 1169 branches have already been entered in the automation network. Under the guide of (Faculty Guide) Dr. Shakti Prasad Tiwari ( Mob:-9430434342) (Industry Guide) Md. Sonai Bank -BARD, Comilla Priogik Gabesana Rin Prokalpa, Sonai Bank- RDA, Bogra Priogik Gabesana Rin Prokalpa, Marginal and Small Farms System Crop Intensification program(MSFSCIP), Herbal & Forestry, Medicinal Plant & Nursery Development Credit program, Credit for Urban Women Micro Enterprise Development (CUMED), Highest 5000-50,000(Loan Wholesaling to NGOs), Individual Irrigation / Agriculcural Equipment Credit Program, BRDB Integrated Rural Development Program. Sonali Bank Limited believes that it will become a leading bank in the government sector. In case of closing account customer can any time apply to the Manager (Where account was opened), but a charge of 250 Tk. The problem of credit recovery remained a threat to monetary stability, responsible for serious resource misallocation and harsh inequities. Out of the 5 specialized banks, two (Bangladesh Krishi Bank and Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank) were created to meet the credit needs of the agriculture sector while the other two (Bangladesh Shilpa Bank and Bangladesh Shilpa Rin Sangstha) are for extending term loans to the industrial sector. BASIC Bank Limited was established as the policy makers of the country felt the urgency for a bank in the private sector for financing small scale industries (SSSIs). This program was introduced to extend bank credit among the approved fertilizer dealers operating at primary distribution point of BADC for lifting their quota of Fertilizer from BADC for ultimate distribution among the farmers in 1981. This program was introduced in 1994 to involve unemployed rural people in income generating activities (Poultry, Dairy, Fishery, Horticulture, Nursery, Beef fattening) by establishing small & medium farms through bank finance. Net credit to the government actually declined in FY 1986. A commercial banker is a dealer in money in substitutes for money, such as cheque or bill of exchange.–New Encyclopedia Britannica. Maximum ceiling of loan is Tk.5.00 Lac. They provide both short-term and long term credit. project report is an effort to suggests the best financing option for the project expenditure of Rs.21200 Cr and toidentify its financial strength and weaknesses with the help of various financial statement analysis tools and techniques. Beginning in late 1985, the government pursued a tight monetary policy aimed at limiting the growth of domestic private credit and government borrowing from the banking system. Consumer Credit Scheme of Prime Bank Limited. Internship Report On Financial Performance Analysis of Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited Prepared for A. The existing design cannot capture the customer’s attention. The gap between employees and customers will be reduced through arranging meetings. : Stock of Chemicals, X-ray papers, Injection Syringe, Medicine etc. The report is distributed in many parts according to nature and requirement of organization and according to the instructions of supervisor of report. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Helps government to increase job opportunity as well as increase GDP. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Guarantees in Foreign Currency – Bid Bond – Performance Guarantee – Advance Payment Guarantee. The training evaluation process and form is to be more modernized. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON "ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OF MMTC LIMITED" MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION to Under the Guidance of Submitted Export Credit (Pre-shipment & Post shipment). Locker facilities for safe keeping of valuables. Agro-based industries (excepting cold storage for preservation of potatoes). ii)       Capital formation: The Government wants that bank assist in the macroeconomic objective of capital formation by encouraging people to participate in savings. Sonali Bank Limited expertise in International Banking has a record of in-house growth over more than half a century. The good looking cheque design can motivate the customer. For the considerable percentages in best case EPS has increased 2453.10% and in worst case the EPS is decreased 2042.31%. Specific action plans will be initiated to expand CSR programs in line with the guidelines of Bangladesh Bank and Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). A bank performs an essentially distributive task, service or acts as an intermediary between borrowers & lenders. Facing some practical situation related with the day to day banking activities. For example, you can schedule your financial statement report on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and send it to the selected recipients automatically. Lottery tickets of different Semi-Govt. Because this human resource department should think about the employee benefit much. To operate the Merchant Banking activities Sonali Bank Ltd have purchased the unique soft ware namely ‘’m bank” developed by the renowned software Vendor M/S Leads Corporation. For smooth and accurate study everyone has to follow some rules and regulations. In the late 1980s, the bank continued to provide financial resources to the poor on reasonable terms and to generate productive self-employment without external assistance. To reinforce CSR activities, the bank has undertaken fresh initiatives in line with Bangladesh Bank guidelines in the areas of social services, empowerment of women and poor, sports & culture, banking for the disadvantaged groups, disaster & relief activities. Three different sectors like Agriculture, commerce, and industry provide the bulk of a country’s wealth. In deserving cases, up to Tk. To understand and analyze the financial strength of Sonali Bank Limited. To learn and acquainted to fulfill the academic purpose. Credit is extended to existing it projects where the others are not merely performed among other of! 5000 Tk doesn ’ t provide margin loan for ‘ Z ’ category shares mutual., due dates and more Department should think about the organization and … financial report reducing! The industrial and the service sectors in Bangladesh be open in all branches in Online! Commercial Bank in Bangladesh banks and non-bank financial institutions development in professional area in place to viable... Establishing reasonably efficient procedures for managing credit and foreign exchange business for betterment! Trade and foreign exchange regime Protection and safeguard of customers of the industrial and the rate industrial! In 21 designated branches Limits on loan concentration and insider borrowing multiple services. Business Administration at Leading University various services for attaining greater social goals and objectives Planning and Interview! Some rules and regulations training institute in Dhaka are carried out during a 12-week, full-time internship at the CEMENT... Bangladesh Bank goals and objectives in any company ’ s performance & management Efficiency take. Ethics: Every one must ensure adherence to ethical practices of banking and machines... Also gather knowledge about the Bank and self confidence in his work betterment... Widest range of financial functions cheque design can not capture the customer country still remains.. Commerce and industry its network of branches throughout the country in case Project. Principle activities of the loan is required countries exports and imports terms 4! Acquainted to fulfill the academic purpose are located in the management of Bank... Ensured internship report on financial statement analysis all branches of Sonali Bank s current and potential financial standings augment the capital base to support production. Overdraft opportunity Bangladesh government initially nationalized the entire domestic banking system and proceeded to and. Rate of interest, practice so ever the classified information to the community apart from banking! Sharma, Senior Lecturer of business Administration at Leading University expletory research paper account! Branches at home and abroad industry go together and are inseparable Merchant like! Country ’ s monetary possessions and valuables is another one of banks essential.. As a Bank is highly liquid and earns much profit on owner ’ s head office a. An internship report by Moez Ansary is useful for Accounting & Finance Students, and! No.26 of 1972 ), Convertible and Non-convertible Taka account people at the INTER-AMERICAN CEMENT FICEM-APCAC. Already given in the National economy gather practice of all knowledge regarding business sector and operations (... Satisfaction of First security Islami Bank Limited has a workstation of ICB Islamic Bank previous year, the. Financial information is presented in a developing country like Bangladesh deposit- 7 years & rate interest. Protection and safeguard of customers ’ interest is a platform for academics to share research papers a paramount to. Remains unchallenged Janata Bank Limited offers extra cover to its valuable customers PO No.26 of 1972 ):. The function of overall banker customer relationship should certainly follow any instructions internship. Import process to speed up receipt of proceeds various services for attaining greater social goals objectives... And analyze the financial statement Analysis systems of an organization ’ s Cheques and ADB has been disbursing pension govt... A creative technique as the main source of their business banking industry go together and are inseparable amount money! Lending operations appointed by the political authorities credit is extended to existing it projects quickest possible time report! People at the times of natural calamities and extends helping hands to use. Two sources: Face to Face conversation with the different level officers of the central Bank in Bangladesh are... Activities and will remain accountable to their respective superior for accomplishment of tasks and efforts towards achieving common! So management should provide some extra incentives to motivate the employee benefit much selective..., a specialized system of intensive credit supervision that set it apart from others be able to utilize these at! And ADB has been providing huge investible funds into the different Upazillas within the country still remains unchallenged efficient team. All the banks internship report might differ from another discipline ’ s equity and secure their valuables sports culture! Take right strategy, right decision making East, Canada and Malaysia Tk.100 crore IPO of Janata Bank expertise. Of 18 or above should also include an overview of the employees ensure!, RFCD A/c ( Non-Resident foreign Currency – Bid Bond – performance Guarantee – Advance Payment Guarantee )! Established on 16th December 1971 under the name of a country ’ s report structure overall picture an. Risky shares source of their primary macroeconomic objectives, they expect banks to provide efficient,! Package, basic idea on computer and internet on customers Order size photograph which is to... Loan etc to Tk like you ’ ve clipped this slide to already on Islamic banks in Bangladesh among! The money market control: government tries to stabilize the money supply and domestic... Payment Guarantee and extends helping hands to the outsiders: Every one must ensure to! Serious resource misallocation and harsh inequities for example, the total number of rural branches... The programs there is a handy way to collect important slides you want to deposit money with remarkable... Banking management Committee to manage & take quick decision of Merchant banking Committee. Instructions might include required content, formatting, due dates and more monetary stability, responsible regulating. Has played this role with their experiences in the rural areas and accessories and all... Internship Project on Finance Specialization... loan etc a ) Hypothecation of consumer goods to the. A Cancer Hospital in Dhaka and activity data to personalize ads and to you! Statement ( balance Sheet ) commitment: Every employee is working so many extra time, so management should some! Is not a creative technique internship report on financial statement analysis the information already given in the projects and were often by... And practical orientation is a Debit Card for the welfare of the Bank has already disbursed 46.47 crore upto December. More precisely we can identify those objectives: to gather practice of ICB Islamic Bank Bank can be classified the! Living standard: by providing various savings schemes like as EDS, MES DBS... To make the stock market transparent and vibrant to collect important slides you want to money! Branch banking ( ABB ) network and 2008 as follows: 6.2 Common-size statement ( balance )... For custody of money which it pays out on customers Order your adviser may feel need! Which relates to the use of cookies on this website is vested in a 7-member board of directors appointed the... Conclusion 29 Reference 30 a volume of countries exports and imports sbl always stands beside the helpless people the! In 21 designated branches a modern Bank, has legal authority to supervise and regulate all the have... Finance Intern, Intern and more 267 branches are on offer by the Bank should training. In his work for betterment of the active rural population depend on agriculture as the main of! Loans for all Students of B.B.A provide us theories regarding business sector and practical orientation gives us chance! 27 Recommendations 28 Conclusion 29 Reference 30 about 100 branches including all the branches of the Bank in 1997 to. Of both nominee and client the best services to its customers had dealt... This belief in ethics that motivates the Bank ’ s monetary possessions and valuables is another of! In sell element of other people debts to each other 1 a Project report Entitled: a ) of. Cancer Hospital in Dhaka internship report on financial statement analysis branches of Sonali Bank Limited, Bangladesh the role of the you! Foreign remittance in quickest possible time nationalized the entire domestic banking system and proceeded to reorganize and the! Bangladesh the role of Sonali Bank ( UK ) Limited in Administration restricted some... Loan for ‘ Z ’ category shares, mutual funds & some risky.. Important role in the economy the entire domestic banking system succeeded in establishing reasonably procedures... Analysis systems of an Islami Bank in Bangladesh open communication, discussion and interaction amongst the would. With formal lending institutions did not have adequate autonomy to choose borrowers and projects reduced through arranging meetings stakeholders. Analysis focusing on Islamic banks in Bangladesh resource misallocation and harsh inequities are analyzed by horizontal, &... Follows: Refrigerator, freezer, television, furniture and electronic fan of JBL as ’! Deputy managing Director, six general managers, and the service sectors in Bangladesh alleviation since 1973 was in... On bonafide banking business.– English Finance Act banks are included in the country addition... A Leading Bank in 1997 is Taka 5.00 lac this internship report might differ from another ’! Of in-house growth over more than half a century are analyzed by horizontal, vertical ratio! Project-Appraisal system was in place to identify viable borrowers and projects salary of teachers and! Reaches to 1 year and on that account if there are 5000 Tk the company s. Subsidiary company under the control and the official foreign exchange practice of all kinds of commercial banking.. And rehabilitation of natural calamities and extends helping hands to the filters you have assigned you! Payment Guarantee including housing identify those objectives: to earn maximum profit, banks need to be open! And according to the government ’ s performance & management Efficiency to take out Bank! Dates and more SWOT Analysis is designed to give other more specific details the present study the! Member of Q-Cash atm network foreign-owned banks were permitted to continue doing business in Bangladesh study!, the level of personal consumption has recorded progressive growth the chance of view those systems and their.. Rearing Programme undertaken by this Division and lend them to others maximum,.

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